Ovatio Leroux

Our Experience

Ovatio/Leroux Inc. is a Canadian-based company that brings over three decades of global exhibit and event expertise to each of our partnerships. We have had the privilege of delivering innovative national and international exhibits and events for the Canadian and provincial governments, more than 100 Canadian and international companies and dozens of federations or national councils representing many different industry associations across Canada.

We understand our clients’ markets, and we have established a long-lasting relationship with most of them. Some have been with us for over a dozen years.

We have won prizes for our design and stand construction in Paris (France), Cologne (Germany), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), to name just a few. We have maintained very high standards to showcase our clients’ brands and drive their businesses forward for success.

Since 1992, Ovatio/Leroux Inc. has carried out multiple and successful assignments in the field of tourism, military equipment, food, agriculture, telecommunications, pet products, construction materials, confectionery and snacks industry tools, in many countries.